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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BBQ Central Radio Interview

BBQ Central Radio Network

Yours truly was a guest on this past Tuesday's episode (February 28, 2012 ) of Greg Rempe's BBQ Central Radio program. We discussed why I became a KCBS certified BBQ judge, competition BBQ flavor profiles, my tour of the great Texas BBQ restaurants (more on that in later posts), and Virginia barbecue (more on that in later posts too).

You can download or stream the episode by clicking here and is also available on iTunes. My segment starts at about 38 minutes into the two-hour program. There were some technical difficulties but overall it was fun.

The BBQ Central Radio Show is the only live weekly show on ANY kind of radio that talks about the art and sport of barbecue and grilling. I recommend that you tune in at 9 PM EST on Tuesdays and also take advantage of the great episodes in the archives.

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  1. glad to see you repping your home (virginia). so much is said about other places BBQ (kansas city, carolinas, etc) but you and i both know that each place has a history and has a story. i live in jacksonville, FL and am looking for the same thing myself. our own voice cuz you know bbq has been in both of our towns/states forever.