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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Barbecue Secret Number 5 - The Aluminum Pan

Pork Butt & Beef Brisket
I prefer keeping my grill as clean as possible during a cook rather than having to do a lot of cleanup afterwards. That's why I like to put foods that produce a lot of drippings while they are cooking on a roasting rack in an aluminum pan. I get all the benefits of great tasting barbecue without the hassle of having to clean all those drippings out of my smoker. It also helps prevent grease fires which, as you know if you've ever had one in your smoker, can be very intimidating and dangerous because of the hot flames shooting out well above your head.

The roasting rack and pan don't alter the results. It's really not much different than just putting the meat directly on the grate except that you have less cleanup to do after the cook. Also, the pan makes it really easy to wrap the meat in foil if you choose to do so at anytime during the cook. The roasting rack also holds the meat up and above the drippings just as your grate would do.

Barbecue secret number 5 - To minimize cleanup, barbecue meats on a roasting rack sitting in an aluminum pan.

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