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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

World Food Championships - Adam Richman, Host

Update - There will be a TV show (or a series of shows) made of the World Food Championships event! So, if you can't make it out to Las Vegas for the event, you can at least watch it on TV. More details as they emerge.

Adam Richman, host of the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food: Nation, and the upcoming Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America, and Trybe Targeting, America’s premiere food enthusiast marketing agency representing over 700 food competitions, have teamed up to produce the inaugural World Food Championships in Las Vegas, the culinary and entertainment capital of the world.

“Every major professional sport features a world title competition to declare the best of the best,” stated Mike McCloud, President of Trybe Targeting.  “This culinary showdown in Las Vegas will settle once and for all who is the best among amateur and professional chefs and cooks who compete each year in thousands of food competitions and contests across America.”

The World Food Championships will be held November 1 through November 4, 2012, at several major casino properties on the world-famous Las Vegas Boulevard.  The four-day festival and competition will feature culinary champions squaring off for food supremacy in several food categories. Using a hybrid of sanctioned, celebrity and customized judging processes, The World Food Championships will identify winners in seven key categories of divisional competition, culminating in a Final Table face-off with Richman and other food experts presiding as the chief judges.  Famous chefs, hometown cooks and professional competition teams, all armed with their best recipes, secret sauces and proprietary techniques, will battle until one champion in each food category is left standing. At stake are a world title and a prize purse of over $300,000.

"In a day and age when there are so many culinary competitions — ranging from contests of taste to those of technique — The World Food Championships will be the ultimate food competition,” said Richman. "It will be the biggest stage in the cooking competition world, where every beloved food from around the globe and everyone from professionals to amateur enthusiasts can come to take their shot at the title and prove that they have what it takes to be the best.”

As the event host, Richman will guide event participants and a general audience through each level of the competitive action, with Trybe Targeting officials offering a variety of tasting opportunities on site for fans who want to sample the world’s best competition food.

Centered at the height of action in the entertainment universe – the Las Vegas Strip — The World Food Championships divisional showdowns will take place at three major casino properties, with the Final Table competition being produced on November 4 in an open-air VIP arena and shot for a TV special.

The 2012 categories will feature classic American cuisine: bbq, chili, burgers, sandwiches, side dishes, a Champions Challenge featuring winners of online recipe contests, and a World Chef Challenge open to some of the best chefs in America’s greatest food cities. Rules and qualifying processes for each division will be announced April 30, 2012 at www.worldfoodchampionships.com. The casino host and public/competition schedules will be announced at the same web site on May 15th, 2012.

“There’s never been a food competition of this breadth and magnitude,” commented McCloud. “With over 4,500 major food competitions and contests taking place across America each year, we know for a fact that food-centric challenges are one of our country’s fastest growing sports. This event will put champions on a world stage in a world-class setting. Someone – amateur or professional - will be leaving Vegas with a serious jackpot haul and the ultimate bragging rights as a World Food Champion!”

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