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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Barbecue Secret Number 7 - 18 Gallon Metal Can with Lid

An 18 Gallon Metal Trash Can Makes Dealing with Leftover Coals and Ash Safer and Easier
How do you deal with the leftover ash from lump or charcoal when you are finished grilling or barbecuing? A lot of people just leave hot coals to burn out in their grills or smokers and don't remove them until it's time to cook again. Others wait a long time, sometimes even hours, for the coals to go out and then remove them from the grill/smoker. That practice can be dangerous. I know of people who have almost burned their houses down because of it. Now, if your grill/smoker is in a location that cannot ignite your house or anything else, leaving the leftover coals and ash in the grill/smoker might be a safe option. But, if the ash becomes wet because of rain, for example, you very well could be doing damage to your cooker because the ash can be extremely acidic. Many a cooker has met an untimely demise because the owner continually left ash in it for extended periods. I deal with left over coals and ash using an 18 gallon metal trash can.

When I am finished using my outdoor cooker, I empty the hot coals and ash into an 18 gallon trash can, seal it with the lid, and put it in a safe place at a safe distance away from my house and any other things I don't want to catch fire. This practice has several advantages for me. First, it lets me begin to clean up my grill/smoker right away without having to wait hours for the coals to go out. Second, it lets me store hot coals in a safe place away from anything that they may be able to ignite and start a fire. The lid on the can seals it so that air cannot get to the coals which smothers out the fire. The next day, when I'm sure the fire is completely extinguished, I discard the ash.

Barbecue Secret Number 7 - Find a responsible, safe, and effective way to store and smother left over coals and ash. I use an 18 Gallon Metal Can with Lid.

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